Ricardo Karam


Lights, camera, action…Moments before filming starts, Talk Show Host Ricardo Karam settles into his chair and smiles reassuringly at his guest. Armed with meticulous research, he begins his trademark, in-depth interview.

His popular shows never fail to make headlines with such high-profile guests as His Highness the Dalai Lama, Her Majesty Farah Diba Pahlavi, Her Majesty Noor Al Hussein, the Abbe Pierre, Kofi Annan, Luciano Pavarotti, Celine Dion, Charles Aznavour, Paolo Coelho, Ivo Pitanguy, Valentino, Andre Agassi and many more.

The consummate professional, Ricardo skillfully probes the real face behind the public persona. His winning personality, coupled with a single-minded determination to get beneath the skin of his interviewee, guarantees the viewer a revealing insight into the mind of a leading personality.

With an ability to put his guests at ease while forensically dissecting their lives, Ricardo invariably encourages them to open up and reveal their innermost thoughts. It is this that sets him apart from others and has convinced a long line of international and Arab figures to step center stage and bare their souls under the glare of studio lights.

The chemistry between host and guest is a vital ingredient of the show’s success. Always courteous and charming, Ricardo knows instinctively when to push hard and when to back off while coaxing out the answers he seeks. This mixture of intimacy and assertiveness is a winning combination.

A chemical engineer by training, followed by an MBA, Ricardo first honed his media skills as an apprentice in the pioneering days of Lebanese radio station Magic 102. With his engaging personality and photogenic appearance, the move across to television became inevitable.

All these skills combined to propel Ricardo up the career ladder from Talk Show Host, to author, screenwriter and innovative producer. His business acumen and analytical training gave him the confidence and ability to create new concepts in a pre-satellite era where quality shows were in short supply. His shows remain unrivalled.

Now, in his 23rd year with almost two decades of experience and the maturity of age, Ricardo Karam is at the peak of his game. Using his media profile and connections he is the driving force behind the pioneering TAKREEM Arab Achievement Awards, now in its sixth year.

For the 2015 season, Ricardo has switched focus to unearth hidden gems from the Arab world – men and women whose stories are rarely told. These are the unsung heroes of our age whose accomplishments are rarely recognized. That is until now!

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