My beloved son Nadim

10632603_848363568521252_5395966822239519665_nMy beloved son Nadim- 3 years old- was diagnosed with leukemia with no prior symptoms.
With a very low level of red cells and platelets, hence a non-existing immunity, we were unable to travel.
A call for blood was therefore imminent for his blood group is very rare, O negative. Social Media was the best tool; the response was prompt.
Many blood donors came from very far; I can never forget a widow who came along with her son, crying and telling me : I want your child to live…
We now have a list of potential donors who will be needed gradually.
We then started sending the tests to the major clinics and hospitals worldwide, on the board of which several close friends of ours sit. It was agreed unanimously, American and French opinions separately, upon a specific protocol we are currently following in Beirut.

We have been living a nightmare, to say the least.
There were no more tears to drop, I once told a close friend of mine.
It took me time to figure out that I ought to be the source of strength and reassurance for everyone around me.
I therefore had to find again my rational thinking.

My thoughts go to each and every one of you; your support was and still is admirable.
The pilgrimages to holly places of all communities, the thousands of believers united in the chains of prayers, the celebrated masses, the tons of mails, messages and calls from all over the world … deeply touched us.
It was impossible for us to answer; however we are more than grateful.

A lovely young girl who worked as a waitress in a hotel where we usually spend a week-end every year wrote on my wall: “I have met you with your lovely family especially your amazing kids. I ask our Jesus for a healing touch on Nadim. I believe that everything is possible with God. This is what the power of God is all about : healing, giving strength and bringing inner peace and joy … A peace that the world cannot give “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid”. I wrote you this because I met your kids and loved them so much. I hope I can meet them again, the 3 of them. I will be praying for Nadim…”

A huge thanks goes to my brother Jose who has been a backbone to me and whom I never thanked.
All my love and admiration go to my wife Youmna, mother courage, who impacted each and everyone. You are my pride!

Indeed, Jesus is the Healer, isn’t HE who said to the parents of the girl-Luke 8:50″ Don’t be afraid; just believe,and she will be healed”.
With our unwavering faith in Him and His immense love to us, we should make it although the battle is at its beginnings.

All my of fears, worries and concerns are oppressively real.
But my kids look at me as the sun above their clouds and the steel covering their backs.
I once promised Nadim to be the wind behind his back; I owe him that.
I need to believe as I always do, insist and persist. Nothing else.

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