Danielle Mitterrand


Danielle Mitterand - photo credit: Manuelle Toussaint


When I first met Danielle Mitterrand, it was clear that I was in front of a one of a kind woman.

Indeed, our TV interview was uncommon, I have to confess, and I have always said it loudly.

Uncommon in every sense of the word; so was her life path, a quest for justice

Her life at the Elysees did not affect Danielle Gouze who, as a young woman, was awarded the War Cross for her work in the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation in World War II.

Confrontational advocate for the poor, she broke the mold as first lady refusing to play the role of decorative accessory to her husband during his 14 years in power, the longest of any French president.

“There is no traditional role for a first lady”, she said. “Each woman has her own personality and acts according to her conscience and her sensibilities”

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